About Nomadic. Inc.

At Nomadic. Inc. we are focused on bringing absolute quality to your outdoor experience.

  • Sales: We offer some of the finest products in 3 primary areas.  
  • Cycling Sports, Kayak Saiing and Ski Sports.  
  • Travel Integrates it all.

  • Cycling :

  • Paddle Sports
    • Prijon Boat Parts 
      • Limited availability - please inquire
    • Kayak Sailing
      • Nomadic
      • Pacific Action

  • Product Design and Development
    • HardGoods  
      • Physical Modeling - plaster and composits
      • Digital Modeling - solidworks
      • Technical Integrations
    • Software 
      • Product Concept
      • Agile Development
      • Functional Delivery
  • IT Consulting and Programming
    • Landis Arnold,  Systems Integrator and Developer
      • FileMaker Programming and Customizattion
      • Linux Systems Packaging wih a focus on TurnkeyLinux

Design :  

Bringing durable function and fun to our customers and product offerings.  We work in mixed media, CAD design.  We run from concept through design including full manufacturing.  We work with a select group of clients and also have inhouse design explorations.

System Integration and Development:  Today digital integration and effect  creates the playing field for success. With long experience in Small Business and strong experience with Open Source systems, we help our systems clients optimize their operational processes to make their business bloom.

Working systems available now.  Run your business with pleasure and efficiency.